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We believe personalized care makes patient experience better.


Our mission is inspired by a belief that all it takes to uplift our patients’ well-being is a positive connection or thoughtful moments. Personalized care can enhance our patients’ experience and their journey. It can be found in the smallest of details, the most unexpected places at the unlikeliest times. When our patients experience that personal connection, feelings of comfort elevate their experience and take their journey beyond what they thought possible.

Our Mission

At Bakersfield Hematology Oncology Group, we provide high quality and innovative care. Our team’s commitment is to our patients’ well-being by providing hope, comfort and compassionate care.

Our Mission

We delight in offering personalized patient care and hosting celebrations of recoveries. We cater to patients who seek quality, personalized care where personal connections are easily found and joy discovered in the details.

We redefine the cancer care experience by elevating your state of being. We anticipate your every need with exceptional commitment, unparalleled care, and thoughtful attention to detail.​

Our Values







Our Values


We seek to motivate and inspire, give hope and encouragement.

Through a combination of authentic experiences and integrative patient care, we are a destination where you can feel at home and cared for. By exemplifying empathy and providing customized patient care, celebrations of recovery, and opportunities for uplifting connections, we elevate your health care experience.

Our Culture
Patient and Nurse


We are supportive and considerate of your journey.


We understand, we think, and see past the common interaction.


We stand for authenticity and honesty.


We act with genuine concern and consideration.

Our Culture

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